Essential Oil Playshops

Essential Oil Playshops

Are you interested in learning about essential oils and how they can positively enhance your life?


Join us for our interactive Essential Oil Playshops and learn how to integrate pure therapeutic essential oils into your daily lifestyle.


During our Essential Oil Playshop you will learn about the essential oils and how you can simply use them in your home every day.

You will get to sample the delicious ways that pure essential oils can be incorporated in cooking, baking & dips.

We will show you how to be creative and have fun by blending uplifting, soothing or energising aromatic combinations to take home with you. This is a perfect opportunity to make a personal gift for someone!

Join us for this fun workshop to learn the benefits of essential oils and how to use them in your every day life. ♥

Why Essential Oils?

Helping people achieve health and happiness is my passion and I love sharing things with people that will improve their lives.

As a naturopath I use medicinal plants (herbs) to improve the health of my clients and I pride myself on using only the highest quality products so that I can provide maximum benefit. The thing I love about using plants is that they have naturally occurring substances within them, some of which can be used medicinally.

Aromatic and volatile compounds which we refer to as essential oils are some of these amazing substances.

I have been privileged to come across the best essential oils on the planet and I would love to share them with you so you too can enjoy them and benefit from their healing qualities.

Essential oils have a vast array of uses; from making your home smell beautiful, to improving your health, protecting you and your family from infection or bugs.

They are great cleaners and even delicious flavour enhancers in cooking. After all these substances are used by the plant to protect it from its environment, so they certainly are powerful.

If you would like to see how you too can benefit from using essential oils then join us at one of our Essential Oil Playshops and fill your life with these amazing oils.

See you soon... ♥Marta

Join us on 26th July for our next Essential Oil Playshop

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