Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga

Become a Shine Yogi

and Relax with Yin

If you like a personalized touch to your Yoga practice, with supportive teachers and a small intimate classes, Yin Yoga at Shine Health is for You.

Yin Yoga is a a deeply relaxing and restorative form of yoga. Its roots are based on traditional postures and asanas, however Yin Yoga is unlike your usual yoga class.

A quiet, gentle and meditative practice with music, incorporating long held floor poses helps to deeply stretch and nourish the joints and improve flexibility.  This yoga class targets the fascia, ligaments and joints of the body whilst stimulating the energy meridians throughout the body.

The class has you stay in each of the floor-based postures for 3-5 minutes and weaves in mindfulness techniques to make this a deeply nourishing and meditative practice. The use of props also helps to support and relax you so you reach a deeper release.

Yin Flow Yoga at Shine Health is taught by Certified Yoga Instructor and Yoga Therapist Allannah Law.  Allannah has been teaching yoga since 2005. Yin flow is a yoga class taught in a primarily flowing practice to avoid risk of strain and injury. The class is based on restorative practices and has a seasonal focus, opening the heart and joy in Summer, strengthening the lungs and immunity in Autumn, releasing the kidneys and stress in Winter and detoxing the liver and gall bladder in Spring.

Yin Flow provides a complete balance for the endocrine (hormonal) and nervous system, decreasing stress and encouraging a deep sense of wellbeing. Each class includes both meditation and relaxation, as well as postures and breathing techniques.

The class will leave you feeling calm, free and softened.

This class is suitable for beginners to experienced yogis.

Yin yoga classes are held on Monday evenings at 6.30pm.

All our yoga classes are conducted in 5 week blocks and purchased upfront.

Space is limited to 6 yogis only hence bookings are essential.

To book your spot or for more information call Allannah on 0417 25 45 35 or register your interest with us on 9589 4549

For an appointment please call 03 9589 4549