Catherine Gemetzis

Nutrition, Australian Bush Flower Essences and Health Coach

Catherine is an Accredited Nutrition and Health Coach, Life Coach and Certified Australian Bush Flower Essence Practitioner.

Catherine specialises in nutrition, dietary changes, meal planning and weight loss support. Catherine has assisted clients in one on one consultations as well as group coaching sessions with a strong focus on motivation, mindset and behavioural change.

Catherine has a strong passion in Women & Children’s Health and Wellbeing and in particular a non diet approach to healthy eating and dietary changes and support with fertility, hormone balancing, menstruation and menopause.

Catherine uses a holistic approach and where required may incorporate the Australian Bush Flower Essences during consultations. Consultations may relate to any concerns around nutrition, health and wellbeing or purely for meal planning, healthy eating and dietary changes. You may also book a consult solely relating to the flower essences.

Flower essences are a powerful, yet gentle healing tool for emotional imbalances. Combined with the support of a practitioner and coaching techniques and strategies they can bring about amazing changes.

Catherine is also a working mum, wife and daughter and knows what it’s like to feel overwhelmed and tired with everything life has to offer. She created her business BeWell Balanced because she believes that life is about finding a Balance and this is exactly what Catherine helps her clients to achieve.

Catherine’s philosophy is that if you Eat Well and Feel Well, then you will Live Well.

Catherine is available for appointments on Mondays 

For all appointments or enquiries please call Catherine on 0414 929 106.


For an appointment please call 03 9589 4549



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