Prevention is better than cure

Prevention is better than cure

  • Prevention is better than cure with a healthy diet at Shine Health Wellbeing Centre

Why prevention is always better than cure

I’m sure you have heard the phrase “Prevention is better than cure” and have probably uttered it yourself to someone at some time. It is a term we are all familiar with but what does it really mean and are you willing to partake in this strategy.
After years in practice, I have noticed is that most people wait until they are in pain or sick before they come and have some treatment. Similarly, few take the time to schedule a health and wellness plan for themselves to protect themselves from illness. Whether this relates to a sore stiff neck or back, a lurking sniffle or a recurrent health issue most people ignore the signs their body is giving them until it is too difficult to ignore and it needs urgent attention.

Pain and suffering is a powerful motivator and is often the driver for people calling us to make an appointment to see our practitioners.

Although this is a perfect time to see your practitioner, it is also the prefect time to set up a regular appointment as a maintenance to keep you well. It can take anywhere from 2 to 6 appointments with your practitioner to get the desired result you are looking. Once people feel good again they think its ok to reduce treatment, they often become slacker with their supplements, exercise and diet and go back to bad habits. This is not the best idea as this is exactly what caused the problem in the first place. Once the pain is gone and you feel good this is the time to move into a preventative maintenance program which will keep you feeling healthy, vibrant and pain free.
Regular maintenance appointments are vital to keep you well and even work on improving your health long term. We are like onions; we have layers of poor to great health. Just because it doesn’t hurt anymore it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are in optimal health. Maintaining a regular appointment, at least every 4 to 6 weeks will help you feel on top of your health and will enable your practitioner to address any underlying concerns before they become a real problem.

If you haven’t been to see us for a while, consider making an appointment even if you are feeling ok.

  • Regular Massage helps to keep muscles and joints supple and flexible, reduces stress and promotes relaxation.

  • Regular Naturopathic check ups assist in addressing underlying health concerns, help you clear your mind and keep you focused on a positive healthy life.

  • Regular Acupuncture helps stimulate healthy energy flow, addresses underlying imbalances and supports ongoing vitality.

Consider this; Traditionally in China, acupuncturists and doctors where paid to keep their patients healthy with regular treatments. If their patient became sick, they treated them for free until they were healthy again. This is true Wellness practice.

If we maintain a mindset of health maintenance then perhaps we wouldn’t need so much “sick care”.

xx Marta

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