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How to get over covid

  • Positive RAT

My brush with Covid and how I got over it

After 2 years plus of dodging the covid bullet, I finally succumbed at the end of April and got those 2 dreaded lines on the RAT. A fabulous birthday gift from my loving partner who also got covid few days before me. 

Where did we get it? Maybe on our Easter trip to Tassy, on the plane, at a family gathering, who knows? With over 10,000 daily cases in Victoria at the time of writing, Rona is definitely doing the rounds. It is or maybe is it inevitable that we all get it at some stage?

I wanted to share my experience so those of you who have not yet had it I can be confident that there is definitely support you can have while you are sick and prevent any lingering effects. The good thing is that as a Naturopath I have already treated many people with Covid and the feed back is that what I gave them really helped. Now that I also have personal experience of having covid there is really nothing to be worried about.

Regardless of vaccine status, everyone is susceptible to catching the virus. Some more than others and everyone will have a different experience based on their own immune strength and how much preventative and supportive measures they invested in before they get it. 

A Naturopathic approach to immune support.

  • Echinacea is a great immune herb we use at Shine Health Wellbeing Centre

A naturopathic approach to immune support.

Prevention is better than cure.

The best naturopathic approach to support your immune system during a pandemic, before and during winter is to focus on taking nutritional and herbal medicines which strengthen the immune system and help with increasing your defences. 

There are many evidence based herbs and nutrients which have been well researched and are know to reduce the duration and severity of infections as well as boost your immune capacity. 

How to keep your immune system strong during the Coronavirus outbreak

The current spread of coronavirus across several continents has created significant anxiety and worry amongst the general public. As a Naturopath, my role is inform to you about what the best nutritional and herbal medicines are to keep your immunity strong and healthy during the outbreak of coronavirus.

Whilst the path of this outbreak is impossible to predict, and the situation is rapidly evolving, here is what we know so far about the current coronavirus outbreak.

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