Remedial massage benefits

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Evidence based Remedial Massage benefits

At Shine Health Wellbeing Centre our practitioners see many people for remedial massage and we know there are remedial massage benefits, but how much evidence is there for its use as a therapeutic tool.

Remedial massage is a therapeutic massage technique that aims to treat muscle pain, tension, and injury. It involves a systematic assessment of the body, followed by a customized massage treatment that focuses on specific areas of discomfort. Remedial massage at Shine Health has gained popularity in recent years, as more people are turning to us and our proficiency in natural therapies to manage their pain and stress. 

In this Shine Health blog, we will discuss the benefits of remedial massage and the evidence supporting its effectiveness.

Prevention is better than cure

  • Prevention is better than cure with a healthy diet at Shine Health Wellbeing Centre

Why prevention is always better than cure

I’m sure you have heard the phrase “Prevention is better than cure” and have probably uttered it yourself to someone at some time. It is a term we are all familiar with but what does it really mean and are you willing to partake in this strategy.
After years in practice, I have noticed is that most people wait until they are in pain or sick before they come and have some treatment. Similarly, few take the time to schedule a health and wellness plan for themselves to protect themselves from illness. Whether this relates to a sore stiff neck or back, a lurking sniffle or a recurrent health issue most people ignore the signs their body is giving them until it is too difficult to ignore and it needs urgent attention.

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